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Peterborough Ontario Canada


I found the love of my life at Linda Kennedy's Kamolot Kennels almost 8 years ago. Tessie, my Portuguese Water Dog, is the most loving, funny, loyal and friendly dog. With all the awful things we hear now about puppy mills, I drove from Massachusetts to Canada to check out Linda's kennels. The kennels were immaculate, the papa and mama dogs as well as the puppies were happy, healthy and beautifully socialized and well cared for. I can't say enough about what a careful breeder and dog lover Linda is and how well she cares for her dogs. Linda also posts some great advice about dogs and PWD's in particular all the time. I was so fortunate to have found Kamolot Kennels. Tessie is growing older, as am I, and she is my constant shadow, friend and mischief maker. She makes me laugh every day. If you are looking for a well bred, socialized and happy dog, you can't go wrong in welcoming one (or more) of Linda's little pups into your life. Kathie Zambernardi

Perry-Miller Family - Virginia, USA

A quick report on Tucker: quite simply he is the best dog i have ever had.  Smart, eager to please, gets along with other dogs and on our company website has his own video "Pull Up - A Tucker Perry-Miller video".  I am just about to head to the dog parkin a few minute as the weather is getting warm for the first time in a week.  I bought this really great old place in Virginia on 20 acres and Tuck loves it, the only thing missing is a pond.  Will start to spend time there next summer.Hope your still breeding PWD's, when time comes for anotherbut also hope that, that day is many many years away! Thanks once again for raising such great dogs!

The May Family - Ontario, Canada

This past October we went and visited Linda at Casa o' Kamolot Kennels to look at the new litter of Havanese puppies. We absolutely fell in love with one of the little boys who stole our heart. We were able to see and play with the mom and dad, in this case, Harley and Gracie. These are the sweetest most loving dogs you'll ever meet. From that point on it was a countdown until our puppy, Shay was old enough so that we could bring him home. During that time Linda posted videos of the pups so we could see how they were progressing and once we had a name for him Linda would call him by name which was wonderful.

The puppies are kept in the house and handled and loved by Linda and her family everyday so the little guys are quick to bond and love being with people. When we were able to pick him up Linda went over all the pedigree paperwork, answered all of our questions and when we left she gave us food, a blanket and pee pads to take with us. It was also comforting to know that if we had a problem we could give her a call if necessary. Shay is a happy, healthy well adjusted puppy and that is because of how well he was raised during the first 8 weeks of his life, and his wonderful parentage. I highly recommend Casa o' Kamolot Kennels and the Havanese puppies they breed.

Shay and Holly taking a nap

Happy New Year Linda (casa O'KamolotKennels), We wanted to end 2015 by saying thank you to you and Dave for the wonderful job and dedication you have towards breeding such beautiful (PWD) dogs. Everywhere we go people always stop and ask us what type of dog Sigmund is and how physically beautiful he is. At the dog park people are amazed at his temperament and disposition which of course makes us proud. This is a compliment to you because of the love, hard work and dedication you have given this breed of dog for generations. We've attached a few pictures of Sigmund because we know how you love to see your babies doing great. Thank you again for this beautiful furbaby!! Sincerely, Laura & Chris Chase

Caper is a 10-year-old PWD who came to live with me last year. I am more than grateful to Linda Kennedy for trusting me with his care. Before we met Caper, our [now 14-year-old] mix breed dog was depressed - his elderly canine companions had died and we hoped to find another senior dog to keep him company. Our choices were limited - for family reasons, our next dog had to be a non-shedding breed. [I did consider a standard poodle, but learned that they can be neurotic.] Thankfully, Linda answered an email which I had sent to several kennels - she asked for references and info about me and my family. She explained that Caper had spent his life between her house and kennel; she loved him dearly and wanted him to have a happy retirement. A contract would be signed, which allowed me to return him if necessary - this appealed to my family, who worried that our old dog might not accept a stranger. I met Linda and Caper in her home where we discussed details of feeding, grooming, veterinary care, etc. Caper is exactly as Linda described - calm, quiet, friendly, eager to please. [He had never met a cat, but now shares our home with cats, turtles, birds, a rabbit and our dear old dog - they all get along, no problems.] I have visited Linda twice since the adoption - once with Caper, and once with a friend who has also adopted a retired PWD. My friend agrees with me that Linda's dogs are well cared for and well adjusted - healthy and happy. It is obvious that the adult dogs are an important part of her clean and tidy household; their puppies must all have a wonderful start in life... Sincerely, Karen Kowalchuk

Dixie Linn We bought our Rivers of Kamolot from this breeder. He has been the most precious companion and furry son. I remember we left with him he cried but snuggled down with his little blue towel. Linda told us to house break him to put the towel in front of the door we wanted him to go out. Then pick up the towel and let him out. Worked like a charm. I highly recommend this breeder. We have kept in touch over the years and I can' t believe Rivers turned 8 this year! The dogs are raised in a clean home environment. The puppies are treated like royalty!

I met Linda 11 years ago when I was researching Portuguese Water Dogs as a breed that I wanted to own. Even though I was in Virginia Linda made herself available to me and made the adoption of Winnie, my first PWD, easy. Linda and Winnie flew to Dulles Airport for me and made ownership a worry free process. Three years later Linda walked me thru the testing and breeding process with Winnie and Caper . A dear friend and I drove Winnie to Linda's where breeding was accomplished and what to expect. Linda opened her home to us and made us dinner. Linda has stayed in contact with me over these 11 years and is someone I am happy to consider a friend. When the time comes and I need to replace one of my now three PWD girls, I know that I can count on Linda to work with me to give me the puppy I want and it will again be a simple process because she makes it that way. Thanks to Linda I have three beautiful girls: Winnie 11, Maggie and Murphy soon to be 8. Thanks Linda, my Canadian friend! Kathy Black, Woodstock, Virginia

MORGAN I saw two Porties in my town. One was a newborn black puppy and a year or so later I saw another grown male named Jasper on a walk after Christmas. I looked them up on line and found Kamolot Kennel breeders in Canada. I inquired if they had any wavy haired Portie puppies and received an immediate response with a photo of a female wavy haired puppy looking right at me. My husband made me research very carefully everything and then I could send in the deposit for Morgan. We both flew to the Toronto area and Linda Kennedy picked us up at the airport there. We spent the night at her home and brought Morgan home the next morning. She was a great traveler and sat under the seat in front of me in a Sherpa bag and slept the whole way home. We had a small party for her with neighbours the same afternoon. Louanne and Morgan v

Casa O’Kamolot Kennels, Linda Kennedy’s dogs are well cared for and well adjusted - healthy and happy. It is obvious that the adult dogs are an important part of her clean and tidy household; their puppies all have a wonderful start in life. When I was researching Portuguese Water Dogs (PWD) as a breed that I wanted to own 10 years ago I spoke with or exchanged information with many breeders both here in the united States and in Canada. I settled on Casa O’Kamolot Kennels for several reasons not the least of which was Linda’s willingness to teach me about the breed, what to look for in a puppy, and the various types of “Porties” that were available. I decided I wanted a “Parti Porti”, this pup would be two colors, most notably Black and some White. Well, months later, Linda had a litter of puppies and contacted me. With pictures and patient explanation, she shared her knowledge and expertise of the new litter. I picked a male, with her help, and he (Yagi) is now 9 years old, full of zip and craziness. Then, two years later with Linda’s help I got a female (Sasha) who has many of the same characteristics as Yagi with one notable exception –she enjoys her independence though when in the house both lay down very close to me. v

There is no simply way I can explain Portuguese Water dogs. They are very smart (I mean very), they want attention or recognition all the time except when sleeping – and they insist on sleeping with me. They are constantly, without my direction, playing if not lying down next to me in my home office. I found the love of my life at Linda Kennedy's Casa O’Kamolot Kennels almost 9+ years ago. Yagi is the most loving, funny, loyal and friendly dog. Linda also posts some great advice about dogs and PWD's in particular all the time. I was so fortunate to have found Casa O’Kamolot Kennels. Yagi is growing older, as am I, and he is my constant shadow, friend and mischief maker. He makes me laugh every day. Then, two years later, I acquired Sasha from Linda and she came with all of Yagi’s puppy traits. She is just as active and playful as Yagi, the two of them romp and play together all the time. It’s also interesting to me that when she wants to be alone, Yagi knows and she goes off quietly to some part of my Family Room and sleeps – she seems very independent in that regard. If you are looking for a well bred, socialized and happy dog, you can't go wrong in welcoming one (or more) of Linda's little pups into your life. As I begin 2016, I wanted to end 2015 by saying thank you to you Linda and to Dave for the wonderful job and dedication you have towards breeding such beautiful PWDs. Everywhere I go people always stop and ask me what type of dogs Yagi and Sasha are and how they are physically beautiful. At the dog park people are amazed at their temperament and disposition that of course makes me proud. This is a compliment to you because of the love, hard work and dedication you have given this breed of dog. I’ve attached a picture of Yagi and Sasha because I know how you love to see your babies doing great. Thank you again for these beautiful animals. Owen Wormser Royal Oak, Maryland USA v

Owner of Edna and Pearl : Our experience with Kamolot Kennels and Linda Kennedy could not have been better.  After several meetings, she sent me photos of her recent litter.  I immediately feel in love with my Edna.  We couldn't wait to sent her a deposit to secure Edna as our own!   Linda sent us videos and photos as she grew and called her by the name we selected when she spoke to her while she was growing with her litter mates.   By the time Edna was old enough to be with us, we were all good friends!  Edna, Linda and my family.  We called Linda as soon as we got home and spoke to her frequently in the very early days.  Linda was a wealth of information and made Edna's transition a smooth one. Edna is five years old now, and I can't imagine our family without her.  Edna is the caregiver/nursemaid when any of us are sick, she is the clown when she thinks the house seems a bit too quiet.  She is a great dog!  Last year we also took in Black Pearl as Linda could not use Pearl in her breeding program,due to a minor health issue so my mom and I drove up to get Pearl stayed with Linda and Dave overnight and drove Pearl back home ! Pearl has fit into our family well !  the girls picture below

Beth Forbush


"Christmas Eve 2014 was the day Greg flew to Toronto to bring Ella home to NS. She is by far the best mutual Christmas gift we ever shared. Ella enjoys waterfront living in Halifax and has a very active life. We did a lot of research before settling on a PWD, as we wanted the right match for our Springer Spaniel and our life style. Ella brings us such joy, her cuddles and her multi octave barks are unique and we are learning what she is saying and often it is something along the lines of food or play. We have two dogs now and sometimes talk about "our next dog", and we both agree that the PWD is the frontrunner; when that time comes we will get on a plane and meet Linda at the airport and a new realm of PWD joy will unfold". Archie MacKinnon


Webster, The MacDougall Family, Hampton ON. We were fortunate to find Kamolot Kennels and Linda Kennedy after researching PWD's for the newest addition to our family. Webster has given us 10 years of joy, laughter and love. He is the social dog of our small village and other families bring their puppies to our house for socialization. Webster is playful, energetic and everything a great dog should be. He is the classic water dog - a constant swimmer and jet ski enthusiast. The Kennedy family were helpful and informative throughout the puppy process and have checked in many times over the years to see how Webster is. Kamolot Kennels raised a healthy, happy puppy who has been a wonderful part of our family. I can not recommend Kamolot Kennels enough! Thank-you Linda!


Charley Brown Burke

Good morning Linda, Your website updates look great, lots of work!  I wanted to share some pictures of Charley and a testimonial if you would like to use. Enjoy!   In February 2015 we welcomed Charley into our home and quickly into our hearts. He has taught us so much, including how to make everyday an adventure. As first time owners and not being too familiar with the Portuguese Water Dog breed, we were so fortunate to have Linda from Casa O Kamolot be our connection. From the first time we spoke to her she was friendly knowledgable and honest. We could not be more happy with our Charley, his personality is amazing. He loves to be active, playful, socializes well with other dogs and gives the best snuggles. If we had it to do over, we wouldn't change a single thing.  Jennifer, Stephen & Charley ?

Peterborough, Ontario. 

Pademay It's been a few years we knew our next puppy would be a Porty.  We visited Kamolot Kennels where I fell in love with Sultan, one of Linda's male PWD.  He stood tall and proud and had a demeanor I could not forget.  We visited Linda on several occasions and she was always Welcoming,  Honest, Informative, Trusting, Co-operative and very Accommodating.  My 3 girls; 8, 10, & 12 at the time, pooled in all their allowance, gift money and worked hard at accumulating funds in a puppy jar.  We visited Sultan's 1st litter and my girls were excited to exchange their puppy money jar for one of Linda's puppies.  Linda accepted the many loonies and toonies and was very thoughtful in considering the allergies of one of my daughters. Pademay has now been with us for almost 2 months and we couldn't be happier!  What a wonderful addition she is!! She's been the easiest puppy I ever had: sleeps at night, eager to please, walks right at my side, comes when called, sits to get her food, always looks up at us with kind, smart, eager eyes.  My girls describe her as - Fun, Loving, Smart, Energetic, and most of all Huggable.  Their favorite things to do together are: Hug her, Chase her across the yard, Sit with her on their laps and watch her reactions when she sees things for the first time.

Linda, Thank You for being a part of adding such joy to our family.


Larry and I first met Linda Kennedy by telephone - we were mourning the sudden death of our most-loved dog, "Jackson". After a long conversation covering our experience with dog breeds, our home environment and lifestlye (all of which are crucial to making a wise decision), we visited Linda at her home in June 2017 in order to pick a Portuguese Water Dog puppy. "Rufus", who was our pick, is from the "Ivy" and "Baxter" mating - it was a difficult choice given how lovely all of the puppies were. Rufus came to our home after much love and professional care from Linda -- he is not just beautiful but is extremely healthy and an excellent representation of this breed. Because of Linda's puppy care, his transition from her home to ours was very easy for him -- Linda assured herself that we would look after Rufus just as she would; she truly loves every dog. He is now about 7 months old and brings joy to us every day. I whole-heartedly recommend Linda not just as a trustworthy and reputable breeder, but as a truly fine person.

Paula Gould Spencerville, Ontario, Canada