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   First abit about myself, I am retired stay home with our dogs and puppies, I have been breeding PWDS since 2002. We are CKC registered Kennel, and registered with CRA as a small business and with our Township  as a licensed kennel.

Breeding dogs in not new to me as I have been doing this for many years, our first purebred dogs were Chow Chows back in the early 1980's.

Over the years with testing and digtal age what a difference, personally I am always trying to educate myself on the new theories on breeding. This can be seen on my Facebook Casa Kamolot Kennels Page if I find an interesting article I will post it there !

Our breeding dogs have had all their PRA testing, GM1 Storage testing, and OFA , OVC or Penn Hip for hips and elbows and JDCM on dogs we import for breeding  and IC or improper coat.  Copies of puppy's parent’s health clearances and pedigrees are given with each puppy sold.  For some of the newer dogs x rayed I have copies of xrays that can be forwarded! Our Lagottos will have all necessary testing done as per LRCA rules HUU,JE,FF,hips etc.

 Our puppies are sold on a Non-Breeding Contract supplied by the CKC. The puppies maybe registered in the States on LIMITED registration. We DO NOT guarantee SHOW QUALITY; we sell our puppies as Pet/Companion. Our puppies CKC papers are held until a licensed Veterinarian has completed proof of the medical procedure and a certificate of spay/ neuter has been issued. Customer’s information is on microchip for recovery purposes. We give a 2-year guarantee against any problem that we can screen for, includes severe hips .We offer full replacement of the puppy or the amount you paid for the puppy, customers’ choice this is only after our veterinarians have received documentation from your vet and a diagnose has been agreed with all this covered in our Sales Agreement I would be happy to send you a copy prior to purchasing.

I stress to all customers take those first 7 days to have your own vet examine your puppy !

A 7 day settling in period in which the puppy maybe return for full refund should there be an allergy problem or your vet sees a issue our vet might have missed. If allergies in the family you must let us know prior of any medical condition in the family that might not make it not possible for you to keep the puppy we strive to have our puppy leave for forever homes. 

Should you later find you are unable provide that forever home we are to be notified and given the option to find a suitable home. We also have a marvelous dog trainer available for any issues you might have with your dog, Richard’s pricing are reasonable he is in Port Perry about 40 minutes from me. All this is covered in our Sales Contract. Our puppies are de-wormed several times while in our home and also a treatment for Coccedia called Baycox which is a parasite in the gut that when a puppy is under stress like leaving for his/her new home they get diarrhea. The puppies are raised in our home with children and family and friends. We have customers coming to see their puppies all the time so the puppies are well socialized.

I do try to send weekly photos or post videos on my Facebook Casa Kamolot Kennels to our customers who cannot come to visit. It is always nice to see them grow it is an exciting time for everyone. At the age of seven weeks our Vet from Northumberland Animal Clinic comes to our home and gives our puppies a thorough check-up, and they are vaccinated at that time , at that time CKC approved micro chips are implanted also. Our puppies stay with us until they are at least 8 weeks of age this is very important for their socializing they learn to interact with each other. We supply a starter kit for you to take home, a blanket, starter pack of food and instructions, a toy which the puppies have been playing with! I do have a crate with the door left off in the pen with the puppies so they learn a crate is not scary!! We also send a guide to exercising your puppy and the Critical stages of puppyhood ! We take a small deposit prior to birth which is $500 to hold a spot on priority list for picking of puppy. 

Once you pick your puppy he/she is to be half paid for. The balance is due upon pick up ! All payments are to be paid either by EMAIL TRANSFER, certified cheque or CASH!  We do charge HST taxes on our puppies as we are licensed with Canada Revenue as a business, no HST is going to USA !

For  entry to USA all that is required now a health certificate which our vet will supply.  Rabies should not be given until minimum 4 months of age ! If shipping is involved when the pup reaches six weeks of age the balance is due, along with shipping charges and the price of the crate, I will purchase the correct size crate and arrange shipping for you to the closest city I can. This is a service I provide during the winter months and heat of the summer we have to be flexible on departure times something I have little control over. We do ship Air Canada  or West Jet out of Toronto International Airport, but due to new regulations from Air Canada  puppies cannot be shipped cargo until 12 weeks of age West Jet still 8 weeks of age.

We live over 200 kms away from Toronto airport one way. Takes us 2 hours each way to drive to the airport so I try to make one trip do, I might ask that you work with me on delivery times. We do meet our customers if they fly into Toronto and carry puppy onboard home, but do want you to make an effort to visit our home first!!!!! If you have any questions about our kennel, or us please e-mail me or call 705-927-7779 Please call to arrange a visit our kennel, I try not to double book your time is precious and I want to be available to answer all your questions.

We are STRICT on anyone running from kennel to kennel, if you plan to do this please pass us by! The health and welfare of our puppies is the upmost important to us ! We will supply references or visit testimonials, Vet, breeders, and most of all our past customers.

Due to our website provider changing format I could not post to my old website I lost everything and our old testimonials but receiving new ones! Some of our older customers resending their testominals !

This is why we have the new look for our website to our older customers!

 Again, thank you for your interest in our kennel. I believe I have covered most questions in this letter of introduction! For more information please call me or leave a message I would be happy to return your call or schedule a visit !

Linda Kennedy